"The best way to predict the future is to create it"  ~Peter Drucker

I work remotely from Austin, TX.     

Today telecommuting is fairly common in recruiting.  If you stop to think about the number of hours per month an on-site recruiter loses to office distractions, politics, long commutes, etc. telecommuting makes a great deal of sense and has a positive impact on the bottom-line.  

Telecommuting effectively, and responsibly, isn't difficult: 

  1. At the beginning of the contract I meet with my client's HR team and hiring managers on-site for 1-2 weeks to get a good sense of company culture and team dynamics.  
  2. After that I work remotely from Austin but make myself available for all hiring and team-building events.  
  3. I also keep an hourly log of my activities on Google Docs and share that with my supervisor(s).  

At the end of the day my supervisors and hiring managers only care about results.   All of the C and VP Level endorsements below are from senior heads of engineering who I have supported remotely.

It has been a pleasure to work with Keith... and I look forward to working with him again in the future to fill additional roles.
— Robert LaCruise, Mobileiron Director of Engineering Services
Keith built a high throughput, low noise recruiting process, and helped Shipwire project exceedingly well in a very competitive market.
— Evan Robinson, Shipwire CTO and VP of Engineering
Keith has been instrumental in helping Atypon with its technical recruiting needs. I would highly recommend him for such a role.
— Hisham Shahtout, Atypon VP of Engineering

Payment and or employment terms

1099 Status:  Stacksurfers, LLC. is my single-member Limited Liability Corporation and I currently bill (invoice) my clients through it.  Invoicing and payment terms are pretty straight-forward.  Monthly invoices with payment on or before Net 30 days.

W-2 contracting or employment:  I am open to either being a long-term W-2 contractor or permanent full-time employee (if the total package makes sense to both sides).

Hourly rate or salary:  My hourly rate reflects the duration and difficulty of the contract.   Due to being located in Austin my hourly rate is generally 10-15% less than other senior technical recruiters who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, or other hi-tech hubs, where the cost of living is significantly higher.  My salary would need to reflect 16 years of technical recruiting experience.

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