You will always find something in the last place you look

Since the onset of Internet Recruiting in 2000 there has been a sharp decline in the use of our natural creative instincts.   New Recruiters are given one entrée (Linkedin) and told "that's the entire menu"... which is far from the truth.


MY Mission

When it comes to finding the best talent available there is no "single source of truth".   Every position has a unique search footprint and it's the recruiter's job to discover what that is and exploit it.

I specialize in finding the Top 5% of engineering talent from across the U.S. for my clients.  To do this I apply a holistic understanding of technology, tools, processes and competitive / market intelligence.

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Q1 2014 was a critical hiring quarter for Shipwire and Keith delivered on all fronts.
— Evan Robinson, CTO and VP of Engineering,

consistently Achieved

  • Design and implement effective tactical and strategic Sourcing strategies.
  • Automated Competitive Intelligence for Candidate lead generation.
  • Process improvement and automation.
  • Linkedin Profile Views:  Top 1% of my Network, Company and Professionals like me.
  • Phone-tree mapping and cold-calling
  • Company branding and social media